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1:1 Makeup Class


In this 2 hour class I offer full lessons for everyday looks or customizations to anything you want to learn! I break down products that any makeup lover new or more advanced would love and give you recommendations based on your skin type. The workshop is a hands on class where I walk you through each step.

Included is also a full description list of product recommendations & demo charts to refer to when practicing what you learned at home!

Group Class


Grab your girlfriends & your makeup brushes and get ready for a fun filled makeup class! Perfect for beginners and those more advanced. 

This course covers how to do a full face from start to finish, but can be customized to exactly what you are looking to learn! Natural look, dramatic, daytime, nighttime, etc.. 

Please inquire to book a group workshop

1-1 Makeup Artist Workshop


Whether you are a new Makeup Artist in the industry or more advanced and looking to brush up on your skills, this 1-1 Makeup Artist Workshop is perfect for you!

2 hour workshop focused on a look of your choosing. Model can be provided by me or you can bring someone with you!

Please bring your kit with you!

1-1 MUA Workshop

3 Day | 1-1 Makeup Artist Workshop

$850 (just class)
$1000 (class + small kit)

3 day in depth course. For beginner & advanced artists.

Download the PDF below for in-depth information on the course. 

PDF file is a generalized format of the course. It can still be customized for each client and their particular needs!

To book, please send your inquiry to

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